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I'm Emily Hightower, Founder and Lead Guide for Ondalu. I don't want you to waste another day waiting to feel vibrant. So I've designed Ondalu as a place where you can harness a healthy, conscious life. Through coaching, online courses, workshops, and retreats we help you integrate evidence-based yoga and nutrition tools. This is your time to breakthrough past limitations and live your potential!

Befriend Your Body

Your body is your one true home. Our yoga programs help you live in every corner of your body with gratitude, presence and trust. Without force or dogma you'll tap into the vital energy that is your physical body to connect to everything around you in a more potent, vibrant way.

Nourish Your Soul

How we feel and how we eat are woven intimately into our daily experience. Our real food nutrition programs can give you a simple reset or take you deep into healing old habits and behavior using effective, no-diet coaching. Learn holistic tips to make food a clear conduit for health and connection. 

Play Outside

Nature is at the core of everything Ondalu. Playing on rivers, meditating by hot springs, journeying to a tipi deep in the woods ~ these immersions re-calibrate connection, skill, and playfulness in life. Stay tuned through the newsletter (at bottom) for workshops and retreats including Downriver Diva river trips and Breath for Archery Camps.


In the Studio

The Ondalu Studio is in downtown Carbondale, Colorado and is available for private and semi-private yoga, nutrition and TRX training. Here you can come home to the wisdom and power of your body, mind and being! Through yoga poses, breathwork, meditation and coaching we can ignite awakening, release stuck energy, align with clear intent and physical power, and empower you with new capabilities ~ whatever your level. I've been teaching private yoga since 2002 with over 12,000 hours of guiding safe, powerful practices. My husband, Brian Hightower, is an x-International Rugby athlete and personal trainer who is also available to train athletes of all levels to new capacities. We have 14' high ceilings and a pull up/yoga trapeze bar. Let's play!

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Heal Your Body Image

The subtle messages we have about our bodies add up! It's hard to act on behalf of something you don't fully love. If you struggle with accepting your body as it is today, this is an essential course. You're not alone. In this course I share 3 tools that I work with myself to heal the root of so much suffering by recovering your self-love!

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Learn the Yoga of Food

Integrate yoga's wisdom for your daily food behavior with my Off the Mat Into the Kitchen(tm) programs. Offered as a 1:1 coaching package, or an online course. CE credits available for yoga teachers! {you don't have to be a yogi to learn and enjoy this material ~ all eating styles and bodies welcome!}

This is about enjoying life by letting go of the dogma, diets and goals that surround our food. Instead I'll guide you through yoga's 10 steps to living consciously and you can claim your values in a playful, guided way home to your truth. Yes, that's a sweet potato I'm cradling. (I love my food)

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Free Yoga of Food Map

See how yoga's wisdom can heal your food with the Yoga of Food Map

Support for Soldiers

Since 2009 I have partnered with Challenge Aspen to bring evidence-based breathing tools, sleep therapies, and nutrition education to wounded soldiers. These holistic methods empower people to harness their own well-being, are affordable once learned, and accessible to all levels. We serve around 500 Veterans per year. 

Our soldiers often return from deployment with a number of injuries, some hidden and many lasting a lifetime. Our program offers them life-long tools to recover and thrive. As a society, our Military are on the front lines of our health crisis. Helping them heal helps our entire culture reflect and grow. To be involved please stay tuned by joining my newsletter or consider a generous donation to these powerful retreats with Challenge Aspen's C.A.M.O. program. Thank you!


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"I learned more in one workshop with Emily than in 8 weeks of yoga with the V.A. "

C.A.M.O. participant (Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities)

"This was the first class breathing class that I actually made it through without having a nervous breakdown. I have been through years of pulmonary rehab and never once has this material been presented in a way that was helpful. Emily did such an amazing job and presented breath work in a manner that was so open and supportive. She taught the material but left areas available to make it yours and make it work for you, offering modifications, different breathe rates and techniques. She was extremely attuned to disabilities and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the class."

C.A.M.O. Soldier's Breath Participant

"The yoga experience was great, as I stated during the session I have tried yoga several times and really did not get anything out of it. Emily did a fantastic job understanding our injuries, and needs as a couple. She tailored her knowledge of yoga to help us as a couple and be more effective in our daily life. I personally made a better connection with her and yoga than anyone else in the yoga field. Her techniques, approach and knowledge made sense to us and what we needed in our relationship."

C.A.M.O. Yoga and Soldier's Breath Participant

"Emily has a profound ability to hold valuable and transformative space for the people she works with. When you are talking with her, you feel completely seen, heard, and accepted. Emily's extensive training in yoga, nutrition, and other healing approaches is evident as she organically and intuitively weaves her knowledge into her group and individual offerings. She has added an undeniable depth and richness to all of the wellness and yoga trainings we've collaborated together on. Combine her experience with a unique ability to bring her fullest presence to everything she does, and you have an incredible healer and fierce advocate at your service!""

Cara Maiolo
Owner, Luminary Retreats

"Emily Hightower’s discipline, continuing deep practice, and devotion to the ancient tradition of Yoga is refreshing in the sea of knock-off yoga classes that abound in our culture. The practice of Yoga is a life-long journey, not a destination, and Emily is a trusted and gifted guide to support me along the way"

Maggie Woods
Basalt, Co

"As a person with the disease of addiction, I needed help on my path to recovery. Initially, Emily and I worked intensively on nutrition (later continuing with yoga). For the first time, the results I achieved became directly aligned with my effort. My sleep, strength, focus, presence of mind, and overall health increased in important and powerful ways. The personal growth and health I enjoy today exceeds everything I imagined. Honoring my mind, body, and spirit through the path Emily has shown me is a cornerstone in my safety from active addiction, and it has cultivated and nurtured a deep and true sense of happiness, joy, and contentment. Emily has become one of my greatest teachers and coaches, whose gifts have benefited me in unique, profound, and life-changing ways. "

Darren Quintenz
Carbondale, CO

Downriver Divas

I prayed for collaboration and shared awakening last fall, and I got it! My dear friend Aimee Cullwick has created the dream business bringing women into the sensual, empowering world of multi-day river trips...and I get to be a kayaking yogi guide with her! These trips will nourish your soul and reconnect you to your Divine Feminine in a fun, river-pixie kind of way. Join my newsletter below to stay tuned...


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